Welfare products

Licking stones

A salt deficiency causes a loss of appetite, weight loss and slower growth. A licking stone meets pigs’ needs for extra salt and minerals, thus improving their health.

You can allow the pigs to determine their own intake of salt and minerals by providing licking stones. This is the best way of preventing mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


  • Salt
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Vitamins

Hay racks

The hay rack is a good way of providing pigs with distraction material that they can chew on and eat. The H+L rack is freely suspended from the ceiling so that it can be approached and used by the animals from all sides.

Scratching postst

Pigs like playing with scratching posts.

Water bars

Water is the most essential nutrient for the animals so it is important that the pigs have access to sufficient water. The H+L water bar features multiple water teats so that several animals can drink simultaneously.


Pigs love taking a shower, especially in warm weather, both as a distraction and as a way of cooling off. H+L showers are connected to the water supply on a timer system to limit water consumption.