The best feeding system for gestating sows

The Sow Welfare Optimized Feeding system enables gestating sows to feed unlimitedly, consuming the right amount of nutrients to maintain optimum condition and precisely the right weight – all without any extra effort on your part. Sow Welfare Optimize Feeding is a combination of the Optisort for sows and the H+L Liquid Feeder which makes feed available based on roughage such as corn silage, dough-stage wheat or rye.

Unlimited access to feed fosters better results. First of all, this feeding system is aligned with the sows’ natural needs. Secondly, the sows perform better in the farrowing pen. Since they have already got used to consuming a high amount of feed during the gestation period, they feed more easily after giving birth and produce more milk.

Giving gestating sows unlimited access to feed is good for their well-being. Sows typically receive 3 kg of concentrates, but because they can easily consume at least twice that much they are constantly hungry. Allowing them to feed unlimitedly improves their comfort and makes them calmer.

In order to feed, the sow enters the Optisort where a camera assesses her weight and condition. Based on this, the Optisort guides her to the relevant feeding area. One feeding area is set up with concentrated feed for sows in suboptimal condition and the other feeding area provides less-concentrated feed containing more roughage for sows in good condition.

Both types of feed are mixed and provided by the H+L Liquid Feeder, based on roughage with added concentrates, vitamins and minerals. The concentrated liquid feed contains less roughage. The H+L Liquid Feeder works fully automatically and is specially designed to process roughage. This enables you to feed your sows with roughage from your own farm.


  • Unlimited access to feed for gestating sows
  • Sows are always in perfect condition and have the desired weight
  • Best possible preparation for high feed intake during the suckling period
  • Easier farrowing
  • Sufficient intake of feed and crude fibre improves well-being
  • Utilization of own roughage
  • Low feed costs