Sow take away

The Sow Take Away is an innovative farrowing pen developed by H+L. The sow receives excellent care and the piglets do not have to be moved at the weaning stage. The animals thrive in this unique pen. Thanks to this innovative approach to feeding and the clever layout of the farrowing pen, the Sow Take Away gives farmers a head start in rearing pigs successfully.

Stress after being moved from one area to another can be avoided by allowing the piglets to remain in the farrowing pen. H+L has developed the innovative Sow Take Away which gives the piglets a very favourable start in life.

One unique factor is that the piglets receive the same liquid feed as the sows. Thanks to the specially designed trough, the sow and her piglets can feed at the same time. Simultaneous feeding encourages the piglets to feed, meaning that they start feeding earlier, intake more feed and hence grow faster. Moreover, the early feed intake prepares the piglet’s gastrointestinal tract for the moment ‘mum’ leaves.

The piglets continue to use this trough after weaning. They have access to fresh feed at all times. A sensor in the trough signals when the trough is empty and must be refilled with feed. 

The piglets have access to a warm nest and the sow lies on a cooled area. 

The Sow Take Away is a joy to work with for the pig farmer. He has easy access to the piglets and can adapt the sow’s area safely, even in the case of aggressive sows. Lactating sows must intake as much feed as possible in order to produce sufficient milk without losing considerable weight, which is why the Sow Take Away provides sows with unlimited access to feed.