Better management with Smart Pig Chain

Smart Pig Chain is a digital technology which facilitates the connection of various systems. This puts a valuable management tool at your disposal which enables you to achieve excellent results, both on your pig farm and beyond.

Every day, H+L systems gather a wealth of data about feed, growth, climate and slaughter quality. Smart Pig Chain makes all this data accessible. This objective and real-time information gives managers better control over their processes.

Smart Pig Chain enables managers in the pig chain to maintain control over the delivery of pigs to the slaughterhouse, for example, thus helping to optimize processing activities and saving costs.

At a pig farm, Smart Pig Chain collects all the digital data and translates it into useful management information. For example, you can analyse the results of the dispatched pigs based on classification data. Furthermore, Smart Pig Chain continuously gathers data about growth and feeding. You can then use Smart Pig Chain to analyse that data. It’s very easy to include climate data in your analysis because Smart Pig Chain makes that information available too.


Works in conjunction with: Optisort and H+L Liquid Feed System