Fast and accurate digital weighing system

The Optiscan handheld scanner represents a quick and easy method for checking each pig’s weight. The Optiscan contains optical technology that determines a pig’s weight digitally. You simply stand next to the animal, hold the scanner above it and the pig’s weight will be measured in a matter of seconds.

The Optiscanparticularly stands out thanks to the speed and accuracy of its weighing performance. With a minimum of effort, it enables you to supply the pigs for slaughter precisely in line with their weight. The Optiscan is also ideal for use when sorting pigs ready for sale based on their precise weight. The pig’s exact weight is clearly displayed on the Optiscan screen.

Slaughterhouses impose weight discounts for animals that are lighter or heavier than a certain standard. The average weight discount is € 1 to € 2 per pig (see illustrative calculation [link Illustrative calculation]). The Optiscan enables you to supply animals at the right weight and hence avoid these discounts.

Introductory discount

Up until the end of 2016, the new Optiscan digital pig weighing system can be purchased at a special introductory discount.

The Optiscan digital pig weighing system includes new software and accurately registers the weight of each pig individually. Until the end of December, the price of the new Optiscan is discounted from €…. to € ….. Toorder the Optiscan, simply send an e-mail to


  • Digital pig weighing system
  • Measurement method: Optical
  • Software: H+L Optiscan software
  • For use with breeding products by: PIC, Hypor, Danavl, Topics Norsvin, Iberico, BHZP

Tablet optiSCAN
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5/128GB/4GB RAM