Pig-friendly Comflifloor

Comfifloor is a synthetic floor that allows excrement to pass through it while also being a favourable surface for pigs to stand and lie on since it always remains clean and comfortable.

H+L produces Comfifloor from recycled plastic, making it an environmentally friendly product. The synthetic elements are designed in such a way that the opening is relatively narrow (a third of the size found in standard concrete slatted floors), yet the faeces and urine pass through quickly. The result is a dry and clean floor. Since the pigs are less likely to slip over they suffer fewer injuries, which is better for their well-being.

A Comfifloor floor is easy to clean. Made up of individual elements, the modular floor is easy to assemble and can be installed anywhere.


  • Synthetic slatted floor
  • Material: recycled plastic
  • Construction: slatted surface