Clean and healthy air with Aerocleaner

The H+L Aerocleaner keeps the air inside livestock buildings clean, resulting in fewer germs, less dust and hardly any smell. You can also use it to cool the barn or prepare it for cleaning.

The H+L Aerocleaner sprays a mix of water and essential oils into the ambient air, thus eliminating dust and harmful gases. 70 percent of dust is removed, as are harmful germs and fungal spores. Furthermore, the smell is largely neutralized.

In addition to tackling dust and harmful gases, you can also use the Aerocleaner to soak the barn in preparation for cleaning. In the summer, this device can help to cool the indoor air and it is also suitable for controlling flies.


  • Less of a burden on humans and animals
  • Fewer germs in the air
  • Low usage costs


  • Cleaning system for air inside pig housing